Current Projects

Intergalactic Publishing Organization of Epsilon 9, LLC - publishing hundreds of websites, rss feeds, social media groups, and newsletters as The Ezines, Information Syndicate, Superfood Ebooks

John Dante Productions - several dozen websites based on past and current research topics

Bingham Publishing - daily educational video sites on science, nutrition, natural healing, and spirituality

AndBots - developer of thousands of app titles for the Android OS

Boss John - website, rss, video, and social media updates as they are completed


Software Development Automation Expert

Google Android™ Smartphone and Mobile Internet Device Developer

Developer for the Intel® Atom™ CPU thru AppUp

BlackBerry™ Tablet Developer


MeeGo Linux Developer for Handsets, Netbooks, and In-Vehicle Information

Apple iOS Developer for iPhone, iPod, iTV, and iPad

Windows Phone 7 Developer

Microsoft® Windows® XP Home, Professional, and Tablet PC Developer

Windows Vista® (including 64-bit editions) Developer

Windows 7 Developer

Apple Mac OS X Developer

Geek Cred

Cobal, Basic, Java, Javascript/JScript, Perl (mod_perl), PHP, Assymbly, C, HTML, CSS, Tcl/TK, Logic at the circuit level and several flavors of SQL, etc

Money on Picard over Kirk

They only made 3 Star Wars movies